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Come cook, pickle and experiment with any ingredient you can get your hands on. Help expand and upgrade our outdoor kitchen, and create order and structure for our future culinary program to flourish.

We embrace practices that are rooted in the Traditional Foods Movement, which emphasizes the use of real, whole, unprocessed ingredients similar to what would have been found in our great-grandmother’s kitchens. These simple foods deeply nourished us for centuries, before modern food processing turned our health upside down. We are currently seeking to add a hardworking, passionate foodie to our team. The ideal candidate will possess a similar understanding that what we eat, how it was grown, and how it is prepared, has a direct correlation between our health and well being. 


Interns should have an interest in ancestral health and local, seasonal, harvest cooking and preservation techniques like live cultures, fermenting, dehydrating, pickling, canning & other storage techniques. They will also work with open fire & whole animal cookery.

Additionally, this internship assists with kitchen garden care and oversight from a farm to table focus.

In addition to transforming the harvest into nutrient dense meals, this intern may be involved in …

  • Brewing kombucha and kefir, & vinegars
  • Making fermented foods, such as sauerkraut 
  • Processing fruits and vegetables for canning or preserving 
  • Using dehydrators to prepare spices, herbs and soaked nuts and seeds 
  • Making stocks and bone broths, fermented sauces, & sourdough bread
  • Assist with the development and implementation of a value-added product lines – soap making, jams, tinctures, teas, salves, etc.
  • Assist with butchery, if this skill is desired.
  • & all ways we can best utilize and extend the harvest by preserving what is grown.

A very incomplete list of where we find our culinary inspiration:

Sandor Katz, Nourishing Traditions, Anya Fernald, Camas Davis, Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, Diana Rogers, & Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride