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Wild Culture Farm is a 6-acre regenerative family farm working with rotational grazing practices and practicing holistic management principles. Equally as important to caring for the livestock is caring for the land and soil on which they are raised.


The Livestock Intern handles all aspects of daily care, feeding, and life support system maintenance of our diverse collection of animals including sheep, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, quail, and rabbits.

This internship includes working with and educating other shorter term volunteers from our WWOOF program.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Responsible for any and all livestock needs.
  • Performs daily tasks including, but not limited to, tending to the water and food of all animals; moving pastured animals from one area to another; organizing supplies; building & moving electrical fences; monitoring grass levels, cooperating with the other intern areas; and the regular mucking of stalls for farm fertility systems (compost).
  • May need to perform mowing, cultivating, foliar/compost tea brewing spraying, seeding forage and more in the animal pastures as needed.
  • Incubation, breeding, birthing, and hatching support.
  • Monitoring and maintaining optimal grass levels, livestock observations, and record keeping.
  • Support the farm’s needs outside of all core responsibilities, including, but not limited to, irrigation work, harvest, orchards, building structures, installing and repairing fencing.