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Just a short while ago, we embarked on this homestead life. We learned thru a ton of time spent reading and researching, talking with pricey experts in their fields, costly trial and error, but mostly thru our observations and experiences. We’re far from experts but hope to inspire others who want to live a simpler life, reduce their environmental impact, and practice self-sufficiency by living off the land.

Here we’ve set out to help you find the right tools for the job. Many of our initial choices turned out to be inadequate for our needs and therefore became a disposable waste, which we hate! So, in an effort to share what has helped us succeed, we’ve created a list of our go-to tools and shared them here for you to take the most direct route to success and avoid unneeded frustration. Starting out in homesteading is hard enough already! Enjoy!

For GardenersFor the Kitchen
For the FarmhouseFor Parenting