Wild Culture Farm is located on six beautiful and varied acres in planting zone 9b. We are only a few minutes away from the breathtaking beaches that frame the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (some of the best wildlife viewing in the world), and the majestic, old growth redwood forests of the Santa Cruz mountains.

Farmer Jen (2019)

Almost a decade ago, in search of health for our family, we learned the importance of nutrient dense real food, traditionally prepared, and how to foster a healthy micro-biome. This priceless experience led to research and training in traditional cooking techniques and the vital need for incorporating living foods like ferments into our daily life. Naturally we planted a garden, acquired chickens, and then we were hooked. Our front lawn became a micro-farm and growing food became a family priority.

Heading off to camp in the Sespe Wilderness. (1986)

Having grown up foraging for wild berries, making mud pies, running thru open fields and avocado orchards on horseback, & traipsing thru botanical gardens, there were SO MANY wonderful childhood adventures, mishaps, & discoveries with freedom that seems unheard of today. As our family found health again, a lost passion for these more free and wild times had been reawakened and we desired more connection to the natural world, it’s rhythms, and that which feeds us.

Farmer & Jersey Cow (2018)

In 2016, in search of this greater connection we moved our family out of a suburban Silicon Valley life to a place where we could feel more easily immersed in nature, it’s cycles and healing abilities, and grow the most nutrient dense food we possibly can. If you want to eat well (I mean REALLY well) you must start with the soil! 

Now, in addition to raising our three vibrant farm kids, we enjoy an agrarian lifestyle non-stop. There is uncertainty of weather, unpredictable animals, invasive weeds & garden pests, many mistakes, and so much physical labor but, in spite of all the hurdles, we have found great joy and satisfaction here, growing abundance, observing nature’s beauty & wisdom, learning, and sharing along the way.

Wild Culture Farm is a permaculture, homestead, garden & farm focused on growing food and self-empowerment by practicing and sharing skills for a local and healthfully restorative way of life. We aim to inspire the change we want to see in the world.


California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG)

California Native Plant Society (CNPS)


A 2012 Mercury News article written about our sustainable living in the suburbs of Silicon Valley: Sunnyvale Residents Soak Up Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater

“Sunnyvale resident Jennifer Collins transformed her Oriole Avenue back yard into an oasis of sustainability.”