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On our farmstead, we raise a petite flock of Shetland sheep that provide us with wool, conservation grazing, and farm fertility. Shetland sheep are a breed of hardy little sheep with a soft wool that comes in almost every possible natural color. Many people who find wool to be irritating to their skin discover that wearing clothing made from the wool of Shetland sheep is warm, comfortable, and not itchy at all. Their sweet natures pair beautifully with great browsing ability and virtually odorless manure that is beneficial to maintaining and enhancing our soil fertility.

We utilize holistic management which includes rotational grazing thru silvopasture and shear once a year.

All our animals have access to protective shelters with clean bedding, fresh food, and water each day. 

You can inquire about our raw Shetland wool, eco-tourism experiences, or purchasing of our sheep, when available, here.