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Coturnix quail are a great addition to a diverse small farm ecosystem. Their small footprint not only produces healthy, gourmet-quality eggs, delicious meat, useful manure but they are also incredibly easy and economical to raise. The delicate eggs are a common part of some international cuisines and a delicacy in others and hard boiled quail eggs as a fantastic mini-snack pack!

About Quail

Quail tip the scale at 10-13 ounces in only seven weeks; are fully grown at 6 weeks and begin to produce eggs at 8 weeks. A single quail hen can produce 36 eggs for eating and about 25 new quail chicks to start the process all over again.


Inquire directly for

  • Breeding quail pairs
  • Fertile quail hatching eggs – 18 day incubation period
  • Quail eggs for consumption
  • Quail egg shells for craft –
    Standard (cream with speckles) & Celadon (all blue & blue with speckles)
  • Day old quail chick availability

General Care

All livestock have access to comfortable and protective shelters with bedding, fresh food, diverse forage, and clean water each day.