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​Here at Wild Culture Farm we have carefully cultivated a lovely micro goat dairy herd. Our herd is an intentional mix of Nubians and Nigerian Dwarfs (aka mini-Nubians) because these two lovely breads have the highest butterfat of all goats, their combination is all wins! Measured by taste alone, this results in an abundance of the MOST delicious dairy products!

Our dairy is our main full-fat milk & skim milk source (the result of other products we make), cottage cheese, whipped cream. chèvre, feta, mozzarella, farmer cheese, kefir, yogurt, whipped cream, buttermilk, whey for ferments, & butter. 

Goats are sociable and curious, and like to live in settled groups with a stable daily routine so we strive to give them this while, weather permitting, rotating them through 6 grazing paddocks and wooded forest areas on our farm. They are fed a small amount of alfalfa hay at night and a bit of organic grain on the milkstand in the morning. We practice a once a day milking schedule and “milking through” (we keep milking without stopping for breeding) 2 or 3 years between kidding to give our goats the best possible life and the least strain on their bodies.

Goats sweet nature pairs beautifully with great browsing ability and virtually odorless manure that is beneficial to maintaining and enhancing our soil fertility. Goats contribute to healthy soils with their old bedding which is put into our compost bays and, of course, their manures dropped on the fields as they browse results in richer soils that grow great grasses. We collect and dry tree hay from the variety of trees and shrubs we grow for diverse forage during the leaner (usually winter) months and always practice observation techiniques to better understand how our farm ecosystem habitats can better support our livestock.