The Farm

A January 2019 view of our 1-acre mandala
dedicated to mostly annual crops.

“The meaning each mandala holds is limited only by
the creator and the observer.” – Unknown

It can seem like an eternity between pulling thistle, nurturing the soil, building planting beds, creating pathways, planting the first seed, finding ways to provide it with moisture, and the moment that seedling pushes up from the earth. It’s even longer before it grows into a plant from which we can harvest. But oh, how good it can taste and how satisfying it is when that time finally arrives! Read a bit more on how we farm.

A Traditional Foods Farm

Our Farming Intent

It is the basic intent to cultivate Wild Culture Farm on the principles of self-sufficiency, self-reliance and good stewardship all while striving to think and problem-solve holistically. It is in that vain that we work to raise the healthiest and happiest plants, animals, and humans possible.

While not perfect, we strive everyday to do the following; and as our knowledge about the environment and food grows, we promise to reevaluate our practices. 

  1. Grow great tasting and nutrient-dense foods.
  2. Only use farming practices that, over time, reduce outside inputs and focus on the enhancement of the environment, wildlife habitat, and biological regeneration of soil.
  3. Treat the animals humanely and ensure they live in a stress-free and biologically diverse ecosystem. Care for them in a clean way that never requires the use of antibiotics. 
  4. Allow farming decisions to be made through the lens of biomimicry. As our understanding of our ecosystem evolves, work to implement the new wisdom into our practices.

Eating what is grown by local farmers, caught in local waters, and raised in local pastures is not just a chef-driven trend, but a practice with significant history. Food is not only sustenance but also medicine, culture, and history. It has the power to preserve our roots, regardless of whether or not we still speak the language or follow old beliefs. These practices can make a huge difference in supporting the environment, our local economy, & our bodies. And, of course, it also happens to produce the most flavorful food with a true sense of terroir!

The real difference in how foods taste starts with the health of our soil. It is here in the minerals of the soil that flavor is enhanced and, most importantly, the nutrient-density of the food is built. Nutrient-rich foods are the critical element of the food world that most conventional farming practices have unintentionally left behind.

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