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We focus on mainly Sasso chickens as both the layers and broilers for our family needs on the homestead. We eat chicken weekly and grow to offer to our guests, eco-experiences, and workshops. Along with our Sassos, we have a small variety of hens for diversity & egg color.*

Sasso chickens are known for their resilience, versatility, friendly nature, and forage ability making them particularly desirable and easy to manage. These chickens free range well which encourages a slow growth rate resulting in good muscle development, firmness, texture, taste, and flavor. Our favorites, based on temperament and beauty, are kept on as layers and provide approximately 240 delicious & nutritious free range eggs each per year.

Our flock enjoys leafy greens, pasture grasses, kitchen scraps, bugs, and red wigglers, meal worms, and BSF larvae (all 3 of which we grow in worm farms onsite) that they scratch up while also mixing compost. [We share details about our different worm farming systems for those who visit.]

Chickens contribute so much to the life cycle of our farm and when not seasonally free ranging, chickens are vital to keeping our compost systems thriving with their unique ability to turn the pile as they add their contribution while search out scrumptious bug treats. Their eggshells are an excellent source of calcium and minerals for our soils (which have been measured to benefit from more calcium).

Inquire directly for available day old chicks, fertile hatching eggs, roosters, and chicken processing classes.

All livestock have access to protective shelters with clean bedding, fresh food, diverse forage, and clean water each day. 

*Having a farm has meant people often ask us to take their animals that they can no longer tend to for so many reasons. We do not accept all donated animals but try to help them find a home if we cannot fit them into our systems.