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I think wanting to do this is really the secret to farming in general because this is hard work and the world we live in today almost looks down on people who do hard work…but unless you have gotten the satisfaction that comes from doing this sort of work, you have no idea how spectacular it can be.

Eliot Coleman

Hello! I’m Farmer Jen! I transitioned to farming after seeing first hand the power of deep nutrition to heal. This led to the discovery of gardening and the study of soil health, permaculture, holistic management, and regenerative agriculture. Our farm uses techniques from these schools of thought as well as ancestral and local knowledge to trial and grow ecologically diverse systems, with ruminants grazing the forage, cultivars of diverse fruit, storage, perennial & medicinals crops, and an array of natural craft materials. Holistically tending and stewarding the life growing here, while no small endeavor, also fills us with a deep satisfaction from knowing this experience is shared with others on so many levels; from the vital reality of nutrient density to nourishment of our role as a part of these natural systems that can be thriving providers of abundance for all.

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