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Sorry, sign up for our 2022 CSA box is now closed.
Inquire here to be notified when we open up our 2023 Seasonal CSA sometime in December.

Seasonal CSA Box

Cost: $500 per year
Please note: We require full payment at sign-up and cannot accommodate any substitutions.

What’s included:
4 boxes a year of 16 carefully curated artisanal farm items. Your box *may* include the following.

Goat Milk
Loofa Soap
Loose Leaf
Herbal Tea Blend
Pasture Raised Eggs from
Happy Hens
Fresh Edible Flower Mix
Herbal Skin
Care Item
Garlic Braid
Mixed Diverse Dozen Eggs
(not chicken)
Hand Crafted Jam or
Small Batch Honey
Cultured Item
Fresh Herb Bundle
Herbal Salt or Culinary Blend
4” Potted
Medicinal Plant
Packet of Wild Culture Farm Flower Seed
Decor or Ornament
& a bag of Heirloom Beans

Pick-up or Delivery?

Want to see it all first hand?

Scheduled pickup events [directions & information sent 1 month beforehand] for 2022 are March 5th, June 4th, September 3rd, and December 3rd.

Pick-up Events

We look forward to welcoming you to a quarterly pickup event. This includes sharing the story of each item, a seasonal plant walk, and a farm tour. [Note: If raining, we will rejoice for the moisture but activities beyond pickup will not happen].

Your visit is also an opportunity to purchase other seasonal abundance but there is no obligation to do so.


Alternatively, we offer free following day delivery within a 10 mile radius of the farm in Soquel (95073). Growing for our local community is a primary objective, so shipping is not an option.

Want more connection?

We are figuring out a farm subscription that involves a monthly (Friday and/or Saturday) option for connecting deeper. This could be productive or leisure time (you choose). You could learn more about the seasons and how to coordinate eating in your local food shed, get answers to gardening in zone 9b, enhance your understanding of regenerative garden/farm concepts, invest in “dirt time”, participate in livestock chores, learn homestead skills, make useful items with natural materials, or simply reconnect in a ‘sit spot’ to cultivate your awareness, expand your senses, and study nature’s patterns (a practice akin to ‘forest bathing’ which is simply spending time in nature).

We do not have a set plan for what this could look like…but it is forming.

Is this something you would have interest in? If so, let us know and don’t be shy about sharing how you could see this being something you would value!