The Garden Classroom

The Garden Classroom @ Wild Culture Farm

A garden is a powerful place to learn valuable skills and foster strong environmental literacy. Children who participate in garden education develop personal responsibility and craftsmanship, as well as an ethic of global citizenship and environmental stewardship.

We accomplish this by offering a place-based immersive learning environment, engaging children in ecosystems and creating spaces for cooperative ownership and interaction. We provide opportunities to practice community-building, creative problem-solving, a healthy lifestyle, stewardship, craftsmanship, and engagement in nature through science.

In an age where many children are growing disconnected from nature, where farmland is being saturated with chemicals, where global climate is unpredictable and extreme, and where wild habitats are being replaced by suburban development, our communities need creative solutions and innovators to a changing world. We need children to learn and engage in a new land ethic that inspires Care for Self, Care for Others, and Care for the Land, cultivating citizens and changemakers in the next generations.