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“Properly managed under the right confluence of conditions, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and chickens can help mitigate degraded soils and restore healthy ecosystems, which helps lock carbon deep in the ground. About 40 percent of ice-free land on earth is considered grazing land, which sequesters about 30 percent of our planet’s carbon pool.” – The Savory Institute

Mother Nature did not separate her plants and animals. She had them together and we need to do the same to have healthy soil.

Here at Wild Culture Farm we treat the animals humanely and ensure they live in a stress-free and biologically diverse ecosystem. We do this by growing fodder and frequently moving them to new forage paddocks (i.e. rotational grazing). This not only makes for healthier and happier animals but this integration also plays a vital role in nurturing the ecological health of the soil.

Farm Cat
Guinea Fowl